Day Trips

There are plenty of other interesting spots not too far from Matala. If you do get a car, check out these places around the island:


– Beautiful beaches, amazing mountain scenery, quiet walks, delicious food and drink and friendly people await you at the small village of Lentas by the Lybian sea. The old fishing village is placed in a small cove at the foot of the Asterousia mountains, and due to its solitary location it is a very quit place without traffic. The village’s beach is located in a naturally protected bay with the eternally blue sea and crystal clear water, and there are free sun beds and parasols.

Dytikos or Diskos

– On the other side of the lion mountain of Lentas you will find the beautiful, secluded sandy beach Diskos. Follow the western paved road from Lentas towards Dytikos, or just walk the shorter path directly over the lion (approx. 10 minutes walk). You can watch beautiful and colourful sunsets over the ocean, and at night an overwhelming starry sky where it is almost always possible to see a shooting star.


– The beach of Preveli is located at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotikos gorge, where Megalos Potamos (meaning ‘grand river’) flows and meets the sea. On the banks of the river there is a large colony of palm trees which give the region a sense of a tropical landscape. It is one of the most famous beaches in south Crete, and another favourite destination for the hippies during the 60’s and 70’s.

Triopetra & Agios Pavlos

– Triopetra beach is sandy, pretty much unspoilt, featuring crystal-clear water and breathtaking sunsets. Its name means “three rocks” and refers to the impressive rocks that characterise its landscape. Next to Triopetra, you’ll find the charming Agios Pavlos beach with its green deep waters and magnificent rocky seabed. The vast dunes that enclose the beach are its chief attraction.


– Small seaside village north of Matala. Often windy so the beach is a perfect spot for kite-surfing and other water sports.

Kokkinos Pirgos

– In front of the village of Kokkinos Pirgos, there is a very long sandy beach by the same name, which starts here and extends for several kilometres to the southeast, till Kommos. The beach is open to the west winds and as such is another good spot for water sports.

Agia Galini

– The beach of the village of Agia Galini (northwest of Matala) is very well organised and provides all the necessary amenities. It has fine pebbles and cold water; the sea temperature is constant at 18 degrees celsius throughout the year. Usually very crowded.

Agios Georgios

– A few kilometres west of Agia Galini, about 15 minutes by car. Not as crowded as Agia Galini, but there is a taverna and a snack bar – cafe, with umbrellas and sea beds on the beach.


– This mountainous village is the true face of Crete. It is known as being the centre of resistance during wwii, and producing the best cretan musicians.
tip: try the local specialty, lamb ‘ofto’ at one of the tavernas, and go to the pastry shop at ‘meidani’ square for ‘galaktoboureko’ or ‘kadaifi’ with ice cream.

Ideon Andron cave

– Ideon cave is located on the eastern slopes of mount Ida just above the Nida plateau, half an hour away from the village of Anogia. The cave has great mythological and cultural value as this is where, according to the legend, the greatest greek god, Zeus, was raised.

Palace of Knossos

– Knossos was the heart of the Minoan civilisation. It was the seat of the legendary king Minos, and the birthplace of thrilling myths, like the Minotaur and the labyrinth. The site was excavated by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans between 1900 and 1931, who restored it to its present form. A visit to the palace of the first western civilisation is a must do when in Crete!


– Archanes is a traditional small town, which sits at the foothills of the Giouchtas mountain range. The picturesque town offers historical and cultural attractions, traditional gastronomy and a landscape of rolling hills and endless nature that begs to be explored.


– No trip to Crete would be complete without a visit to the island’s capital! Heraklion is the largest city of the island and has plenty of cultural attractions as well as a vibrant nightlife.

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