Beaches Nearby

Matala beach is large, wide and sandy, and is fully organised with sun-beds and umbrellas. The sea is clean and you can enjoy a swim almost every day all year round, except for the few days when the waves are too big to swim safely.
That being said, there are countless other stunning beaches nearby and we recommend you rent a bike/car to explore them.

Red beach

– Voted as one of the top nudism-friendly beaches in the world, this red sand and crystal-clear-water beach is a 20-minute hike from the centre of Matala. Follow the trail that starts south of the village, through the valley behind the main street of Matala, to get there.


– The nudist beach of Kommos is on the other side of the cliff with the caves. A favourite destination for nudists since the hippie era

Agiofaraggo beach

– Accessible through the Agiofaraggo gorge (20-30 minute hike). It combines beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters. perfect spot for hiking, climbing, and swimming.


– Martsalo is a secluded pebble beach of unique beauty. You can reach it through the Martsalo gorge (20-30 minute hike), or by boat from Matala.

Vathi beach

– Situated very close to the southernmost point of Crete, Vathi is a small beach within a small cove, ideal for tranquility and seclusion. The beach is shaped at the exit of a small gorge, surrounded by long cliffs. The well-protected beach has almost always calm waters, although the surrounding beaches can be very wavy. Follow the dirt road from the Odigitria monastery to get there.


– Gournia beach is a 1:30 hour hike north from Vathi beach, or 2:30 hours south from Matala. the area is characterised by its white soft limestone that has been washed away by the sea and is reminiscent of a lunar landscape. Five consecutive very narrow and rocky bays that look like tiny fjords are formed at the exits of deep streams. Access to the beach requires good physical condition, as it is very tiring and without any shade, but the wild beauty of the landscape compensates for the inconvenience.

Lili beach

– Beautiful, small beach with pebbles. Access is difficult and requires about 1 hour of walking south from red beach. Right next to the beach is a shallow sea cave, worth a swim to see it!

Kali Limenes

– Kali limenes is greek for “fair harbor”, and as its name name suggests, the sea there is almost always calm. A local favourite, despite the tiring route there.