Villages near Matala


Kamilari sits on several hills which give it beautiful views. you can look to the Libyan sea on one side and the Psiloritis and Asterousia mountain range on the other. The village itself is picturesque, with lovely gardens everywhere, and it is great to walk around and discover this place of winding streets and typical architecture.


This village with about 700 residents is the capital of the community Pitsidia-Matala. The locals are known for their longevity, which, as they say, is due to the temperate climate of the area. As Matala grew more and more touristy in the 70s and 80s, many of the hippies and long-term holidaymakers emigrated to Pitsidia. You will find a traditional Cretan village with all the typical order that one might expect of a rural farming community. Most things in Pitsidia happen around the “plateia” (main square), where tourists flock to the traditional “kafenio”s. More cafes and tavernas line the narrow and picturesque streets around the plateia.


Sivas is one of the most beautiful villages in the Phaistos municipality and it has been declared as a traditional, protected settlement by the Ministry of Culture. It’s a small, traditional cretan village, with beautiful stone-built houses with many carved blazons and nice arched doors. The village has also got a great tradition in the cultivation of high quality organic products, and especially olives and olive oil.


Moires is the biggest town in the Messara region. There’s a medical centre, a post office, a police station, and big supermarkets. Since the town is fairly new there is a very small number of relics of the past, the most notable being the venetian fountains and the only surviving old house of the city. The cultural association of the town organises various events (dances, festivals etc) during the months of July and August in the yard of the association’s building and in the main square of the town. Another event that attracts visitors is the farmers market that takes place every Saturday.